Benefit from visually engaging video marketing strategies that leave high impact value on your business and digital marketing outcomes.

Did you know that visuals create a better impact on a user than any other medium used to attract their attention? Digionline Media uses this very element of video marketing to strategize concepts and give you access to reach out to your customers in a very vibrant and active manner.  As users scroll through the notifications and social media pages they come across video ads—the ones which look attractive and interesting get clicked while others are skipped. The first 10 seconds of your video matters the most and we make sure that those 10 seconds add great value.  

Video Marketing


Each time we create videos based on the video marketing strategies, it's as impactful. The video campaigns created by us are all centred on a story and don't impose a forced sales technique. We creatively get to understand what is behind the brand and the product along with a great visual treat. We create stories and videos that are current, coherent and conclusive and make sure all the videos are made after a session of brainstorming and giving you as many possibilities and options as possible. We do not limit ourselves to single ideas and repetitions.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is widely accepted through all online platforms and engage a number of users, especially through mobile. One can get very creative using video marketing strategies and here are some highlights in the form of benefits for you:

  • Video marketing has a mass appeal: Videos are viewed and reach out to all segments and can even attract those customers whom you never imagined as your target audience. It has the power to register and stay and creates massive impact when rightly done.
  • Improves rankings: If videos are embedded on your website, it increases your chance by more than 50 percent to come on top of Google searches.
  • Video marketing is more explanatory: Videos easily explain every element that is involved with your product and services. You can create it according to your vision and give engaging and action based product display.    
  • Works in two ways: Video marketing when done correctly can entertain the user and give the required information both at the same time. It adds a personal touch and trust in your customers who get to know the mindset of the company and are able to relate better through an interactive medium.

Video marketing is as diverse as content marketing. Video marketing strategies can be implemented just as the content marketing ones. This made the two a perfect blend to attract customers. When video marketing is done in an efficient manner it can keep your audience hooked to your website. You can connect them to your website through all social media platforms. Videos need good research and great creativity. If you are up for it then our team is eagerly waiting to work on your video marketing strategy!