Digital Marketing
The need for Digital Marketing

What’s that one factor which dominates your online presence? The answer lies in the model of Digital Marketing. Also known as online marketing and Internet marketing, the concept began its presence as e-marketing years ago, and is now a dominant factor in today’s time. With an irreplaceable requirement, it is also important to understand why and how it has become such an integral part of many processes linked to it. To get a better understanding of the concept, let’s look at it from the following three perspectives.

Digital Marketing: The concept

Decades ago, when Internet was an introduction to the world, marketing efforts were limited to pamphlets, advertisements on television, radio, hoardings and on a personal level. But the way Internet shook many grounds and rose to becoming a mass need, marketing too began to overlook these methods and focus on the new technological advancement, through the Internet. Thus began this concept too. From banks, tech companies, businesses to newspapers, ad agencies and now movies, Digital marketing has become the need of the hour.

Digital Marketing: The requirement

The necessity of Digital marketing is linked directly to the market it’s catering to. A simple economical theory suggests that when a market of any nature creates demand, supply is the only response. As demand rises, supply automatically increases. Similarly when Internet became the medium to reach large audiences, online marketing became a requirement laid down by many companies. Opening a web page only goes to show how clearly the concept is playing its role. For someone who is looking for product details but cannot go out to actually know about it, sitting at home and receiving an email regarding the details, is the simple way out! Digital marketing has created a niche for itself because people today, living in the fast pace world that we see, get to see products and ideas through it.

Digital Marketing: It’s current status

Today, Digital marketing has taken over many other marketing strategies. When companies sit to plan marketing ideas, the pop up window lets them focus more towards this method. When you see advertisements on television, you see only a limited idea for a certain seconds. Internet marketing is an amalgamation of Internet usage and marketing concepts together to form such an arena that a customer is informed to the fullest. Added links, pictures, graphics all add to its presence on the Internet. The conceptualization is such that it quickly grabs one’s attention. There are so many products and in today’s time it becomes difficult to decide over one. Through comparing different marketing techniques over the Internet, users today feel it’s easy for them to at least get a clear vision of the product.

It can easily be said that Digital marketing is a concept that has its prominence and still continues to grow. Not just big, but small companies too which are working through this method are on a rise as this technique of marketing helps them cater a larger audience.

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